About Me

After my 35 year stint in corporate America, I hooked up with a really cool design studio and learned about web design, professional photography, blogging and social media marketing. The departure from sales and marketing enabled me to put on a new found creative hat. I’m truly thankful to the guys at Fast Forward who enabled me to hone these new skills. It’s that exposure and experience that enticed me to build my own site, put my photography in one place for all to enjoy and to blog the life lessons.

I’m compassionate and a great problem solver…ask anyone. I’ve won many awards over the course of my career, but the most rewarding was the trophy bestowed upon me by my husband. That being The Best Life Lesson Giver of All Time. I’m extremely proud of the life lessons I provide whether solicited or not. There’s an established, unspoken rule of thumb, if you sit at my table, you’d better be ready for a lesson.

I believe reflection has become my greatest personal asset. I’m the type of person that possess the ability to put people at ease and am quick to offer my help whenever possible. I’m an out-loud thinker.

I live in Virginia with my husband Michael on beautiful Presley Creek on the Northern Neck. I’m officially retired but can’t stop doing something; hence, this site and my continued blogging. I helped to raise two incredible children who are pursuing their own life adventure. I love you Mike and Morgan!

Professionally speaking – just cuz you may want to know…Award winning photographer, accomplished blogger, copywriter, free-lance author. Award-winning, energetic sales and marketing professional with demonstrated success working with diverse accounts and business models. Highly recognized and awarded for distinguished contributions to organizations. Result/solution oriented, effective communicator and presenter. Able to build and maintain relationships with internal and external customers. Possess a high level of discipline and integrity, but really who cares?