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The Paper Pressure Like everyone else in the U.S., I’m committed to sourcing toilet paper daily. I spend a few minutes each morning scavenger hunting for a few rolls and other sundry items, but ... Read More

The Snarky Sub

The bell rang and immediately, I found myself standing in the same exact position I stood almost 45 years ago. It was instinctual. Head and back erect, hand over heart, and eyes focused as I recited t... Read More

Macho Men

The cycle of life is an easy lesson learned on a farm.¬† Emergency Vet We were unexpectedly called to our neighbor’s farm a few months back. Our pal, Murphy, the llama, was having some unexplain... Read More

Country Buggin’

The wonderful screen porch, where I spend most of my time, is my window to the world. While our home has a fantastic view of Presley Creek in the back, screening in our porch, ended up being the first... Read More

My Sun Dog

When you do decide to move to a new area, one of the most important things you can find yourself is a local. Not that I’m suggesting you make a special effort to seek out some random person, but... Read More

I Have A Gun…Now

One household item considered to be a necessity here in rural Virginia is a handgun. Yup, a bang-bang gun. For me, growing up in a northern New Jersey suburb, guns were for criminals, television show... Read More