This is a personal politically charged blog about my personal experience and belief system. A diatribe to journal my personal feelings in a public way.  If you are in disagreement, kindly click off. This is part of my First Amendment Right. Thank you.

I woke up on January 20 to watch the inauguration. I never watched anything political in my teens, 20s, 30s or maybe even my 40s. If there was an address from Washington on television albeit the State of The Union or whatever, I’d find something else to do or give HBO my time that night.

I did my civic duty and voted in the ‘big’ elections, but honestly didn’t show up for the primaries or state elections. Life was good with me and the folks in DC. You know…I paid my taxes and everything fell into place.

A Little Background

My father worked in the defense industry and we learned very quickly that when we had a conservative government (okay, Republican), he had a job. We voted Republican to keep food on the table and the mortgage paid. There wasn’t anything to discuss, but when I moved into my own apartment, I got a little free spirited and pulled the lever for Jimmy Carter. Ahhhh…the spirit of youth. Dad retired shortly, thereafter, so no harm no fowl.

I went back to my Republican roots and stayed there despite chiding from my more liberal friends. I didn’t really care. It was what I knew. My husband and I voted the party line, but then we began to notice the effect the Republican town government was having on our real estate taxes. Not good. Then the Republican Party seemed to run out of competent candidates to sit in the White House and put Sarah Palin on the ticket. Not good. After a few of her idiotic comments and antics, I was out. That was the end for me.

I voted for Obama, but again, I pulled the lever and left the booth. I didn’t give it a second thought until I was personally affected by the recession. Offered an early retirement package I found myself standing there with my box of personal items trying to figure out what I was supposed to do ‘now’. 

After completely revamping my personal budget, I did some research to uncover there were extended unemployment benefits and retraining programs being offered by the Federal Government. Bonus! Fortunately, I only needed the federal money for a short time, and was gainfully employed before I needed to take advantage of the retraining program. It was nice to discover there were programs put in place to support me. I liked how I felt at the time – supported and cared for by something bigger than my (my government?) and my dedication to my new party began to solidify.

New York City and The Trump Train

My professional background took me into New York City for most of my career. I spent many hours on the highways in the five boroughs driving and networking. You see, everyone in New York knows someone who knows someone and they ALL KNOW SOMETHING. Sidling up to those ‘in the know’ required a two-prong approach. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. The stories were always forthcoming because people loved to brag about who they knew and believed it added to their personal status. 

The opportunity to be in the inner circle with our current president was popular at the time. He was an up and coming new mouthpiece in the City building a public persona for himself. At the time everyone was quick to ride his coattails, but quicker to relay their personal anecdotes to impress and be impressed. He went on to get his name on a helicopter, a jet, a few defunct businesses and the gaudiest casino you’ve ever seen, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. 

For me, it went in one ear and out the other. I don’t mentally file gossip and didn’t in these cases. It didn’t mean anything to me nor would it affect anything in my life. Eventually, it all melted into the background and was forgotten. Until the day I turned on the television and thought ‘wow, he’s on TV.

Back to Realty

My mood and realty were forever changed on 1/20/17. This election has affected so many aspects of my life and perhaps yours.

I have a constant nagging stomach ache because I never know what cockamamy bullshit maybe coming out of Washington, DC. You see I akin our current situation with a bad I Dream of Jeannie episode. You know the ones. Jeannie does something wrong or crazy, the fix is obvious to the audience and the other characters don’t get it until the big ‘ah-ha’ moment at the end. In the meantime, you’re sitting on your couch screaming at the television asking why everyone is so obtuse?!  I love my Jeannie analogy. No offense to the Jeannie belly-button lovers out there.

Post Divisiveness Here

My husband and I have become almost addicted Twitter. It has not only officially replaced the newspaper but it has become a platform to scream, argue or rage at someone (perfect strangers) with little or no regard to their feelings or beliefs. We can also tell our government leaders, regardless of importance or stature, where to shove anything and everything.

We also find ourselves, as a couple, recanting our new favorite expression. “I know. I read it earlier.” which is a really shitty shutdown. It also tells me we’re looking down too much, and we should be looking up and forward. Maybe we believe if we let it alone for one moment, it could implode, and we may be asked why we weren’t there to stop it with our tweet or share – WTF?

Our extended family is divided.  It’s become an I’m right, you’re wrong thing. Not a let’s talk about the issues. It’s do you like Trump or not. Period. We’re all dug in….hard.

A quick story – we actually got an evening text from our bro and sister-in-law who were debating our party association during their evening dinner conversation. Why do you all of a sudden care? Again, it was the them vs. us thing. 

We have friends with households who reside strongly on different sides of the aisle. Couples had always ‘co-partied’ happily under the same roof for decades. Their party differences were respected and sacred, but today, we have been programmed to battle about our differences, and so we whisper to our like-minded friends ‘we’ll talk later. I don’t want so and so to hear us.” 


I’ve noticed a pattern with some of the Trump supporters and have begun to loosely categorize them. There are those who believe they are or will be ‘like Trump.”  Their 401Ks and retirement plans are doing very well. They’re thanking Trump because they believe all that cash will be there for them when they retire. They’re still working like dogs at their jobs, overextending themselves with trips and expensive toys, all the while betting on the end game. I honestly hope every dime is there for them when they walk out with their ‘Good Luck in Your Retirement’ balloons.  

Most of that extra cash will end up all in the toilet. Golden or porcelain. Perhaps Im being too pragmatic, but I believe our country will fall into another recession. There will be blame placed on the other side. Ugly, nasty, blame. It’s ok. The dems can handle it honestly and openly. They will be resourceful once again and come up with solutions not excuses. Case in point – the retraining program I mentioned earlier in this blog.  

Others voted for Trump because they were sick of the corrupt and ineffective government that we’ve all come to ignore. The swamp. I totally get/got that. They thought he’d make a difference. He did a great job on the show hiring and firing people, right? and always seemed to be so aggressive and smart, right? Maybe he’ll do the same for the country?  Does everyone still feel that watching what’s happening in the swamp?  Has anyone ever seen a television show taped? As Americans, we can’t afford a retake.

There are those who don’t want to lose their gun rights. I do not understand the need for an assault rifle in one’s collection. I think we need to revamp the system. That’s as far as my opinion goes on this matter except to add that my daughter is in college seeking a degree in teaching. Unfortunately, she will have to learn how to protect herself, and her students. Yes. It scares me, so yeah I want it.

The immigrant children in camps is wrong. PERIOD. If you are of the belief that anything about how this is being handled is right, we have nothing to talk about. Kids are still kids. Babies are babies. Humanity is humanity.

Some just hated Hillary. Oddly, whenever you say her name where I live, people respond with Bengazi. So c’mon down and say Hillary to someone, and they will, undoubtedly, respond with one word. Bengazi. It’s so annoying. I don’t get it.

People voted for Trump because they were pissed at the ACA program which required them to carry health benefits against their ‘will’ so to speak. 

Here, in rural America, folks don’t want to share what they believe they have worked so hard to amass what  (which isn’t much). They believe the Dems are going to take it from them and hand it over to all the ‘illegals’. yes, it is expressed exactly as I typed it. I can’t even fathom a response to that. 

I had a conversation with a local who told me he doesn’t want health care for all. Here’s how that went after I inquired as to why:

Him: Because he’ll have to wait at the doctor’s office.

Me:  Why do you think the wait will be so bad? I asked. 

Him:  Because everyone (the illegals – yes he said it) will show up at the doctor.

Me: Isn’t’ that the idea?  To have healthy productive people in our country who can all go to work? Yes, in the onset it may be a little busier at the doctor’s offices but in the long run, when people are healthy they won’t be there anymore. 

Him: We don’t have enough doctors (that’s sorta true). I never go to the doctor. 

Huh? Where’s that shocked emoji face when you need it?


I, for one, would love free federally paid healthcare. As my husband and I are readying for retirement, we are looking at our budget and need to include almost $12,000 a year to pay for the healthcare we need. THAT IS INSANE! 

Then there are just those who believe everything Trump says and does is great and they wear his hat. I don’t have anything to say about this group.  

Where Is The Grand Old Party?

The Republican Party saddens me. I wonder if its integrity pass away with John McCain? I think Mr. McCain’s thumbs down on the house floor was a thumbs down to the White House and the current leadership. A thumbs down to the complicit and cowardly behavior of his Republican peers. It sickens me that they are afraid to loss their seat should the President mention them in a shitty tweet. Here again the Republican Party has given me another reason to walk away. 

I’m tired of hearing people on the conservative side of the aisle invoke Jesus in their reasoning after they support horrific non-Christian like behavior or policies. But I’m certain, Jesus, a brown man, would turn the other cheek. I’m praying I can too.

Dems aren’t necessarily socialists and before you knock socialism, find out what you’re talking about. I’m disgusted by lemmings who share memes, etc., blindly. Just stop, and when you’re looking up socialism, look up lemming.

Oh and by the way, Democrats are Americans. You can stop the new Trump rhetoric and Let. That. Sink. In. 

I am scared. Of what? Of losing our democracy. Of becoming trapped in the bottom of a genie bottle unable to get out even though there’s a ladder.

The Plus Side

I’m waiting….


2 thoughts on “Waiting On The Plus Side

  1. Perfectly stated. My family has a deep divide regarding politics. When my dad was living politics was not discussed.

    BTW, Lenny and Puppy guided me to your website. I discovered you because you share my father’s surname.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. My surname is my married name and my husband’s family is originally from Scranton PA. Lenny & Puppy say hello!

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